As Osman Sertdal logistics, we serve our customers in the field of Road Transport. As a member of a large and powerful family we have created, we produce one-stop solutions to our customers ' specific logistics solution demands with our expert team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We continue to expand our operations to every region throughout the world and expand our services to a wider geography. Transport by road is the most versatile, reliable and most used vehicle in the world. This makes it the best solution that can deliver door-to-door services with its own operations.

The types of oil transportation by road transport, which is one of the world's most high-quality service we have gained in the light of legislation in line with both local and international, is carried out safely by our company. The cost of international road transport is determined by the approved tariffs of the company. It depends on the distance of the route, its complexity or the volume of the party. Our company has made transportation investments outside of what is known at the beginning of the logistics sector and has taken aim at quality and more reliable transportation mentality.

Road Transport is experiencing a steady revolution in domestic planning, an increase in urgent demand and the emergence of new technologies. Predictive logistics based on Big Data play an increasingly important role in this process of change.


We have established a solid bond of trust with our customers and our drivers continue to maintain that trust by addressing the safety issues on the road. Our service centers and head offices consist of employees who are dedicated to our driving fleet and who care about quality. Safe drivers are our most important asset.

The lines we carry are mainly in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Romania.


As a fast-growing logistics chain, Osman Sertdal logistics follows a sustainable environmental management policy based on environmental legislation, related environmental standards and the most advanced technologies and developments in this field. Basic building blocks of our policy;

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