Osman Sertdal Logistics is a major international road logistics company founded in 2007. With the experience and knowledge gained in large scale logistics projects, every Sunday is under our expertise. We solve routine and non-standard logistics problems for our customers by providing solutions with our experience, expertise and partnership approach in collaboration with our customers. We optimise logistics plans by taking into account the priorities of our customers.

Our cargo types include a wide range of cargo and transported goods of almost any kind that require dangerous, expensive compliance. Our deliveries are organized in accordance with international standards by our highly qualified expert employees working on long-established business processes with delivery time management system and control at all stages.

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In addition to direct delivery of goods, our services include loading, unloading, classifying, labeling, weighing and combining of goods, choosing appropriate shipping according to the category and characteristics of the cargo, and developing roads.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design and implement innovative, cost-effective solutions for every problem in the logistics field. With more than 250 qualified personnel, as well as a worldwide network of responsive professional partners, you can be assured that we will safely and efficiently carry even your most valuable cargo.

Osman Sertdal Logistics provides all kinds of services for road transport organization in all directions. As well as delivery, we accept goods for temporary storage and assist with customs procedures. Any cargo not prohibited to be transported by interstate regulatory statutory regulations is considered for shipment.

For road transport of cargoes, appropriate transport is provided, depending on the volume, mass of the goods and the specific requirements for delivery. With our established logistics schemes and many years of experience in the field of international road transport, vehicle delivery is combined with other modes of transport when necessary.

By investing in technology under the umbrella of Osman Sertdal logistics, we believe that the road to growth is through carrying technology forward. For us, development is not a necessity brought about by change, but a light that illuminates our path.

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